Wednesday, December 10, 2008

New blog on the scene

Jinarre's New Eden.

From Jinarre's blog:
So, welcome to New Eden as I see it, a new player. Eden is HUGE, and can be very hard to grasp in the first few days. So I will start with what I've learned in Eve so far.
All the best with your new adventure, and there certainly is plenty of resources to draw upon out here, as you've already found out.  Welcome to the Eve Blogosphere!


  1. Thanks! If we meet I hope it's on the friendly side of your blasters. lol

  2. Anyone that joins the EVE-BLOGGERS channel in-game is blue to me. :)

  3. Welcome aboard Jinarre!!!

    I've added you and Kaya over at to the OPML download. That's 137 blogs now.

    Man, when will the fun stop!!!