Monday, November 24, 2008

Taking it for the team

Sitting at a planet, my fleet mates talked about the Rupture that they spotted on scan. I saw it on my scanner too, and started to check the nearby gate to see if it was there. Suddenly it appeared. Not on my scanner, but right nearby, and flashy red too!

It was 24km away from me. I started to move towards it, target locking it, engaging the warp disruptor so it was locked down. It didn't try to escape, and only came closer.

I was very busy initiating combat, but managed a quick "xzzxxx" in the fleet comms.... it was only supposed to be 'xxx', but my fingers got excited!

"On my way!" said the fleet mates, just as the Rupture released its drones. Damn drones...! I knew they'd be the death of me, but I released my own drones and then set about targeting his to try and eliminate them.

Unfortunately, the Rupture and his drones were too powerful for me, and even though my own drones managed to get the Rupture heavily into armor, my ship once again exploded around me.

I warped the pod away just as my 2 fleet mates arrived, and they finished the job I'd started.

I'm starting to rethink using an advanced Tech 2 ship in PVP... looking at the killmail, the Rupture's cost was just over 11 million ISK. Looking at my loss, it was valued around 23 million ISK.

These figures are extremely conservative, but it's obvious that I'm losing out in the money competions... The ships I'm flying are too expensive for the targets I'm fighting.

I bought an Ares. It's a snazzy looking ship, and it's got some nice tackling bonuses. For 13 million, it's cheaper than an Ishkur, and should be a little bit better at tackling, so I'll be experimenting with that.


  1. Was that rupture mail corrupt? Doesn't display the full fitting.

    Anyway, unless you have a secure money making operation to supply you with isk, I'd suggest sticking to T1 ships all the way. You can afford to engage more often in riskier circumstances, and with some fancy piloting often get just as much out of a T1 ship as its T2 variant.

    As one pirate to another, I'd suggest to steer away from frigates and go for things that can tank a little gate gun fire, such as plate cruisers and larger ships. Sure, an ares or ishkur is great for grabbing tackle in a belt or mission, but you can't do your gang much good on gates or stations, where a good deal of yarrlike action takes place.

  2. Almost forgot to mention: you can usually go up a class by switching from T2 to T1, which means more damage and more tank at the same cost. Considering tank and gank are the business ends of pirating, this is a good thing.

  3. if you're looking for bang for your buck, try a Hurricane.

  4. Wow, that Rupture fit is either absolutley horrible or the killmail was corrupted. I'd agree with half of what Sard said. T1 ships are definitely more economical, a Thorax would be cheaper than your Ishkur, for example. However, don't worry too much about gate fire. I never fight on gates unless I can provoke my opponent to attack me (ha ha Drake and Hyperion last night) or unless they're outlaws or flagged themselves.

    Solo I fly pretty much exclusively Rifters at the moment and bring my Rupture out when we're in gang. Horses for courses and all that.

  5. Well I'm not to sure what to say to this. I usually only use a thorax or a myrm, when I and my boyfriend do missions. They are pretty much tanked out. I've yet to get into many other ships.

    I'm just now starting to train for interceptors, on my way up to black ops, but for now we are pretty much ok with what we have and what we use.

  6. @Sard @Wensley yeh, turns out the killmail was somehow corrupt. I really don't know why, but it wouldn't show correctly regardless of which killboard I used. I'll see if I can post the killmail here in the comments when I'm next in the game.

    I think being able to fight at gates is becoming quite important, because very few people hang out at belts, unless they're in a very fast frigate. Unless you're in an uber frigate yourself, may as well stay away.

    So what I'm doing now is getting others to be the small ship tacklers, while I hang around with the heavy guns, ready to go in once a target is locked down.

    @Selena yeh, fitting a ship for missions is incredibly different to fitting them for PVP. I worked my way up to a tanked battleship for missions, but I don't want to use it for PVP! Fitting Cap Rechargers into the mid slots is a great way to sustain the tank when you're up against countless rats, but when you're up against real pilots, you need a different kind of tank than what you use in missions. And you can't sustain it very long, 'cause your midslots are taken up with AB's or MWD's, or tackling gear, or shield boosters if you're a shield tank... and so on.

    I used to be a huge proponent of armor tanking with an armor repairer, and part of my mission tank had 2 x Large Armor Repairer II's, along with 5 x Cap Recharger II's. Great for sitting around doing sweet F.A. Out in the real world, however, you can't really have the cap rechargers, which means you can't sustain the armor repairing.

    So now instead of tanking, I'm all into ganking. No armor repairers at all, and using damage enhancement mods to increase damage output. Get the enemy destroyed as fast as possible, and repair your amor later on in station.