Sunday, October 01, 2006

Discovering the Amarr

Well, Amamake turned out to be completely uneventful! I spent half an hour crusing around the asteroid belts and planets, using myself as bait for all the pirates that were there in local, but none of them came out to play.

Bored, I continued on.

I reached Sarum Prime without incident, in the Domain region of Amarr space, and decided to stay overnight at the Imperial Academy School. Before I continued on the next day, I took a photo:

This must be where my very good friend Praetor Sarum comes from, of the Sarum family. I never knew there was an entire system and planets named after them!

It was quite humbling to be in the same location that Praetor Sarum grew up in. He's a grumpy (older) man now, and I wonder what this used to be like back in his youth.

And so I continued on, entering the Amarrian home system. Unfortunately, with the amount of Amarrians flying around, the systems were lagged to hell! I decided to quickly move on and head on to the lowsec systems, inching my way closer and closer to New Eden.

I ended up in Nebian, a 0.4 system, and quickly discovered that I was the only pilot in the system. After destroying a couple of rat cruisers without a problem*, I docked and transferred my clone to this location. Considering that there's no one else here, I felt safe to make it a temporary base to do a bit of ratting and hunt the odd pirate that might enter the system.

I've decided that the possibility exists I might end up with a low security status due to the fact I might have to initiate combat with pirates between -2.0 to -4.9.... any pirates I attack of -5.0 and less obviously don't give me a security hit.

The reason I think I'll end up with a low security status is because if I'm serious about attacking pirates, and that means -2.0 and lower... anyone of -1.9 and higher, I can give the benefit of the doubt to.

Anyway, time passed...

And I realised that the system is dead. Hardly anyone else came by! So after cleaning up the asteroid belts, I docked for the day and went to bed, where I'm writing this from... I'm only 12 jumps from New Eden now. I think I'll continue there tomorrow.

One of the two pilots who entered the system in the time I was there was TheTraveller. He encouraged me on my journey, as he was a traveller himself. He told me of the sights I would see in New Eden, including the massive gate that's there. I intend taking photos of it when I get there, to record for all of posterity.

So far, two days and 21 jumps into my adventure, I'm yet to encounter any pirates. I'm wondering if I smell bad or something, so that even the pirates are staying away from me....

To be continued...

*When I say I destroyed the rat cruisers without a problem, I say that because it's BEEN a problem in the past. For the first time ever, my Vexor now seems to be a confirmed armour tank. I think that was proven when I managed to survive Kaenon Steel's onslaught yesterday. This makes me happy, as it gives me a good feeling to know I'm an ok armour tank, especiallly as I venture out into the wilderness like this.

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