Saturday, September 30, 2006

And so it begins

I finished preparing my ship, a Vexor. It was loaded with everything I thought I'd need, including extra ammo and some beef jerky. After double-checking it all, I then engaged the map and entered the co-ordinates for New Eden. The list of systems came up on the screen - all 33 of them. It would take me some time to do it, I was sure, but I was ready.

Some of my corp mates joined me at the Teonusude gate in Gelfiven (Molden Heath region) to see me off on my way. It was quite a touching moment, with Marshal Bonesinger, the corp's Director and acting Chief of Support, attacking me with her weapons, while repairing me with her repair drones. I wiped a tear from my eye as they flicked back and forth between the drones providing constant repair, and the furious onslaught of the energy attacks. The show was indeed quite pretty.

Eventually it was time to move on. I activated the jump gate and went through.

I made my way through a couple of systems, all highsec, until I met up with Lt Colonel Kaenon Steel, my SpecOps CO. His farewell of me was to engage in battle! A fitting parting, I thought. My Vexor held its own against his Stabber, but eventually my cap ran dry, so the winner was Kaenon. As you'd expect! It wouldn't be any good me beating the commanding officer of my SpecOps group, would it?

We parted ways, and with a fond wave, I continued on towards New Eden.

Stopping briefly in Abudban, I transferred my clone to that location. I was about to enter lowsec space, Amamake to be exact, and it was time to start the crawling of the clones. Well, that's what I call it... the clones, of course, have to follow me around as I travel. No point dying in some far system when the clone is back at the starting point!

With the clone in place, I continued into Amamake, one of the most dangerous places I'd ever been to in the past. Every time I'd gone there, I'd had my ship destroyed. I wondered if it would be the same this time...

to be continued....

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