Monday, October 02, 2006

The Black Monolith - Dead End

It was only 2 jumps from New Eden to Dead End, where I had been recommended by DrDevice to go visit the Black Monolith.

What an amazing sight! Naturally I took some photos. This is of me moving towards it.

If you want to visit it yourself, it's in the Dead End system in the Genesis region. Use your scanner to go to Planet V - Moon 5. You can't miss it.

Here's another one of me orbiting it.

There was someone else in Dead End too, by the name of White Meat. He said he was an adventurer as well, just like me. He didn't know about the Monolith though, so I invited him to come and have a look.

What a magical view it is, to observe this object slowly spinning in space. Who put it there? What is it supposed to do? There are some who believe it might be Jovian jump gates. I guess one day the truth will be known, but it won't be me that discovers it.

At least I've seen another of the wonders of the galaxy.

More to come....

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