Monday, October 20, 2008

Ok, ok, I'm not very smart

I didn't think things through enough when I decided to fly on over to Gallente space. After being there a couple of days, doing L2 missions for the Federation Navy, I realised something.

I missed lowsec.

The nearest 0.4 system to where I was doing missions was 6 jumps away. It was too far! I couldn't just do a quick roam around some lowsec systems to see what I could see.

And they didn't even have any intel channels for me to sit in, mainly 'cause they weren't near any systems they needed intel on!

It made me homesick for where I'd come from, and I realised - I'm not home. Home was back where I came from!

The main reason I went to Gallente space was to do missions and earn loyalty points that could be spent on Gallente fleet battleships which, unlike the Minmatar ships, I could actually fly. As I was thinking of how much I missed Molden Heath and the border worlds of lowsec, I realised something else...

I could spend loyalty points on Minmatar fleet ships and sell them, and then use the money to buy Gallente fleet ships on contract!

So yeh, I'm not very smart. I'm impulsive, and just don't think things through.

So I'm back in Molden Heath now... And I really feel like I'm home.

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