Monday, October 27, 2008

An interview with a pirate

I was flying along in my Taranis interceptor, minding my own business... well, ok, I wasn't. I was flying along, looking for some trouble. I almost found it too, in the flashy red presence of Jalif, flying a Huginn at a gate I'd just come through. Luckily for me there was an asteroid belt directly in front of me.

I warped to it, getting away from his probable 'gate camp'. However, I knew that if he was after me, I wouldn't be safe, as there was no other objects in that direction, so he'd be directly on my tail. As soon as I dropped out of warp, I selected my safe spot and warped to it straight away.

Just as I entered warp, Jalif arrived at the belt too, and was just in time to see me warping away. I chuckled, and we struck up a brief conversation in local. He said something about how some people are stupid enough to sit in the asteroid belt.

Let that be a tip to you, my fellow pilots. When you warp to an object to get away from someone, IMMEDIATELY warp to yet another location, preferably a safe spot if you have one, or a jump gate if you don't. NEVER think you're going to be safe.

Anyway, he seemed like a nice fella, for a pirate. And I'm always happy to chat with nice fella's. He also had a read of my blog, and wanted to chat a bit about that. One thing led to another, and before you know it, I was interviewing him for the blog.

Please enjoy my first impromptu interview with a pirate. May there be many more. (Maybe I can become some kind of space-faring journalist or something....)
So Jalif, how long have you been engaging in pure PVP?

The last few days... before that I took a break of 2/3 months... before that I did it around 3 months straight without a break.

What were you focused on before that?

A bit of mission running, ratting & visiting forums to complain about CCP's balancing... the things that an average carebare does...

So what is your goal with your PVP?

To have a lot of fun & know new people who do the same as I do. Eventually it's to become the mastermind of piracy, of course ^^

Would you say you're a pirate?

To a surtain extent yes... how else would I explain my criminal actions then? (I do like a bit of roleplaying too)

Do you make a living from Piracy, or from some other means?

I'm trying too. But its very hard. Piracy probably has the worst balanced risk vs reward in the game, but that doesn't stop me from doing it.

What would you say drives you to be a pirate?

The freedom mostly. I can't stand corporations/alliances with their oppression. Everything that I want to do is better then being in that kind of organisations.

Why are you a solo fighter?

Because when I fly with others, I get easily irritated how they PVP. It's also often when you are in a group, stuff goes slow... which makes me more impatient.

What's your favourite ship?

At the moment, a Rupture - but that is probably going to change when the speed balance hits.

What will it be then?

Not sure, but one thing I know, its not going to be bigger then a cruiser

Why is that?

As a pirate you need to choose your battles. In a battleship you are forced to join every battle & before you know it, they blob you. So I fly small ships to increase my risk vs reward, ISK & the ability to choose my own battles. This specially counts when you are doing solo PVP

What would you say is the most rewarding part of your 'career'?

Pride & joy when I kill a "victim" who should/could be potentially stronger then me

Is there anything that sticks in your memory as one of the most enjoyable experiences you've had?

Well yeah, one of my good pvp-days when I got into Molden Heath. Tackled a Typhoon on a gate & called for backup... I still did 75% of the damage & got out with 40% hull left. That was a great day

What made it great?

The guy was a year older, bigger ship, I was in the "worst" conditions...

Nice. So what would you say to those people who want you dead because of your career choice?

That they will have to come & get me. An eye for a eye.

Is there anything else you would like to add for those who are reading this?

"I hate blobbing!"

Thank you for your time :)

You're welcome.


  1. Tonight while going to pick up my recently aquired Cerb which I was flying the three jumps from purchase system to home base without ANY fittings I was convoed by Jalif who told me he had spoken with you Black and he was thinking about joining us. I was suspicious until he, without gleaning any information from me came out with a few facts that lead me to believe he was genuine.

    To cut a long story short I went out on a small hunt with Jalif and I would say sign this guy up as soon as you can he is good and just the sort of guy we need around.

    Check killboard to see how ballsy this guy is, his words to me asking for assistance were "I've got him webbed and scrammed do you think we can take him" the mail tells the rest of the story.

  2. He's now our newest corp member. :)