Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Carebears need to harden the fuck up

One thing I've noticed, all across the galaxy, is that people are having a whinge, having a sook, having a cry about it. If our ancestors were around today, I reckon they'd be spewing. Carebears need to harden the fuck up.

This is Daniel. He owns a big, shiny, fancy fucking battleship. But he doesn't know how to change his low slots to tank anything. Harden the fuck up, Daniel.

This is Petros, and he's too scared to enter lowsec. "Ohh, look at me, I'm combat intolerant." Why don't you try a gate camp and harden the fuck up, Petros.

This is Theresa. Her kitten has a psychiatrist because it cries every time a Hulk is attacked. How about this, Theresa. Dr Black Claw prescribes that you harden the fuck up!

This is Mark. He doesn't approve of people swearing on blogs. Well how about you harden the fuck up, Mark.

This is some fool with a stupid name I can't care to type. Learn how to come up with decent names, fool, and harden the fuck up.

This is Yellow Rose. She won't join in on fleet action without taking half a dozen smartbombs with her. Harden the fuck up, Yellow!

This is Jad. He spends an hour a day trading on the stock market. He's also a DJ at a local nightclub. So why don't you ha-ha-ha-harden the fuck up, Jad.

This is Bevat. He owns every Tech 2 ship you can buy, sleeps with his blasters, has over a thousand kills to his name, and once cut off his own arm for a dare. Fucking spot on Bevat!

So come on, carebears. Take your skirt off, cancel your manicure, grow a mustache, and harden the fuck up.


  1. Carebears one, carebears all,
    We shall fucking kill you all.
    --with regards to our loving peons
    --from: the pirates of eve.

  2. harsh, so very harsh.
    careful lest the well run dry--
    preserve those sweet tears.

  3. Oh my god, I LOVED THIS. I laughed all the way through it. Genius.

  4. Please guys in this world of political correctness they should be known as ammunition recipients or clients instead of roid sucking carebear cry babies. Please let us combat orientated pod activation specialists show that we are above those peace loving industrialists and their smack talking.

  5. "Please let us combat orientated pod activation specialists show that we are above those peace loving industrialists and their smack talking."

    This is the most ignorant thing I have seen today. If you understood what the FUCK "political correctness" meant you would understand that it isn't about value judgments, and that is why the language of labels is denuded by it.

    Fortunately for me, I'm not politically correct. And you are an idiot. Smarten the fuck up. :)

  6. Zisis, you need to chill out and join in the laughter. You'll live longer.