Thursday, January 20, 2011

Recreating my alter-ego, Alexia Morgan

As most of us know by now, we've got a new character portrait creator. Personally, I think it's just awesome, and I'm really looking forward to seeing how they enhance it over the next few months or so.

Last night I created a new Black Claw but unfortunately I, like many others, misunderstood the UI and thought that when I clicked on Save, it would save the 4 snapshots I created and allow me to go back to them later to pick and choose. When that didn't happen, and I was stuck with a character portrait that I didn't want and didn't like - I was pissed! Luckily for me, so was hundreds or thousands of others, and so CCP is going to allow those who don't like what the've created to have another go. Phew!

In the meantime, however, tonight I played with Alexia Morgan's new portrait, and I must say that after 4 hours of playing around with it, I've got a portrait that I REALLY like.

In the process creating the character and ending up with facial features that I really liked, I had this hairstyle:

After doing a bit more playing around, I came up with this:

Do you know how long it took me to get the right hairstyle with the right makeup? Man, I feel like a girl.... Anyway, I started playing around with the poses, lighting, angles, etc, until I finally got the exact look I wanted:

So then it was just a matter of zooming in with the camera, and SNAP! Alexia Morgan is immortalised again:

Alexia is a warrior-woman, a leader of OUCH and the Art of War Alliance (in partnership with Black Claw, of course), and there had to be the look of the warrior about her. She's gazing into the distance, calm but determined, strong but very feminine.

I'm very happy with the result.

When I can, I'll be recreating Black Claw, and I'll take similar snapshots of his development progress, with explanations of why I chose what I did.


  1. I love the final result! Very nice work.

  2. Looking pretty similar to Kala actually, cept I have blue lips XD

  3. "... CCP is going to allow those who don't like what the've created to have another go."

    Do we have to petition in order to redo the portrait? I made the same mistake in thinking that there would be another screen where I can choose among the four frames.


  4. Here's the information from CCP about it:

  5. She is looking stunning, however I think you've missed a trick by zooming in too much. She might have a a face that'll launch a thousand battleships, but that first shot shows she's also got a cleavage that'll launch a thousand more.

    I see she's already received seven EVEmail propositions.

  6. It's not the cleavage that's important, it's her face. Besides, the cleavage is part of the reason I put it on this blog, to make people like you happy. ;)