Thursday, December 14, 2006

A return to old ways...

I'm tired of missions already. I did a COSMOS mission a while ago and was then refused any more until I built up my standings with the agent's corp. I've spent time - oh God, the boredom - doing some missions with other agents of the same corp, but it's slow going, and the tedium is killing me again.

My entire purpose behind doing these missions was to raise money. I realised something today. Why am I wasting time on missions that are earning me 15 loyalty points and 10,000 ISK per mission when I could be doing something NOW to earn myself MILLIONS?!

So I'm returning to something I used to do some time ago - trading.

However, I'm going to get into it in a much bigger way than I ever used to. In the past, when I was still a 'baby', I used to do more hauling than trading. Buy and sell orders? Never used them. I used to spend time buying in one place, hauling to another place and then selling. I was a hauler. But now I'm going to become a trader. A real one.

If you have any tips or advice for me, please feel free to include them in a comment. Or, if you want to provide me something that you don't want others to see, I'd be most happy for you to contact me in-game. Thanks!


  1. I'm an active member in Free Industries Union In Molden Heath. we're friends with NMTZ and im also a trader. i'd like us to have more anti pirate friendly corporations to fly with so please if you'd like to chat and trade standings ect. evemail or convo me. i'd be hapy to give advice on trading.


    p.s. i have Killrights on Nerdalus after he jumped me in my hauler at a gate

  2. I have a sec of -8.5 :) the whole of EVE has killrights on me :)

  3. Hahaha. And I'm sure there's quite a few with official killrights on you too! :-)

  4. I had pretty good luck with COSMOS. I have worked for many of both the Caldari and Gallente COSMOS agents and ended up with some great loot. It doesn't pay that well, but the standing increases and some of the unique loot can be worth it if that's what you are looking for.

    Good luck with your trading endeavors.

  5. Thanks Serok, I'm hoping it'll be nice and profitable.

    By the way, I hope you're going to be updating your own blog more often than you have been? ;-)