Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Please hold...

I thought you should know that any further action on my part is delayed for the time being as I raise my standings with various corps in order to contine doing COSMOS missions. Money-making is a little slow right now, as I engage in low-level missions to build up those standings so that I can get into the more profitable missions.

And then there's been the holidays I've been on... and the upcoming xmas holidays.... and then I'll be travelling to another country to continue my life...

So please hold.... there's going to be a few delays as this story continues, but I'll notify you when I have something more exciting to talk about.

Oh, something of interest is that the war between NMTZ and TNT has ended, with both sides declaring victory.... Personally, I believe that TNT was realisticallly the victor, and any comments from NMTZ to suggest otherwise looks more like an unprofessional attempt to cover their embarrassment.

War's over, move on.

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