Tuesday, November 07, 2006

An update

I know that a lot of you are coming back every day or every few days to see what's new in my reality, and I really appreciate your interest. Not a lot has been happening, but I have been culling the inactive members from the corp.

About 3 or so weeks ago I sent an email to the corp asking everyone to reply to it, and if they don't reply to it then I'll be kicking them out of the corp. About 44% of the corp members failed to reply. Coincidentally, they're all members that none of the active ones have seen for a long time...

So I've removed all roles and titles from them a couple days ago, and tonight I'll be culling them from the member list.

It's a sad thing to get rid of inactive members, because they were all once very active, with some of them showing a lot of promise. But pilots disappear all the time. It's the way of things.

Thank you for your interest in my 'adventures'... I haven't been adventuring much lately, as the corp administration continues. I've also been training up some skills to fly my Celestis. That, however, is a story for the next post...

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