Sunday, October 15, 2006

The war is over!

The war is over, and Darkside Inc lost.

The war is over, but there were casualties. My allies deserted me, succumbing to Darkside's strategy to divide, all thanks to a traitor within my corp who was passing information on to the enemy.

But still, I was confident that my own strategy would succeed; the strategy of guerilla warfare, of choosing the battles to fight, of knowing when to run and when to stand and fight.

And then there were the losses of some of the members, cowards who decided that being part of an anti-pirate corp that actually fought pirates was not the kind of anti-pirate corp they wanted to be in. If not this, then I'm not exactly sure what they thought they were being part of. I wish them luck in their endeavours though, as they run and hide from the pirates. I'm sure they will find there is no safe place to hide.

Black Scorpion Ltd is now part of the Namtz'aar k'in (NMTZ) alliance of anti-pirate corporations within the Molden Heath region. As a result of my last post asking if any corporations wanted to join in the fight and support us, I was approached by NMTZ's leader who offered membership.
After brief negotiations I signed up. We became part of the NMTZ alliance.

A few hours later, Darkside retracted their declaration of war. But thankfully, the alliance answered my call for Darkside's bullying to stop. To repay them for not just attacking Black Scorpion Ltd, but also for their bullying tactics over time, the Alliance organised a fleet and attacked one of Darkside's POS's. It was destroyed. You can watch the video of it here.

Darkside's losses have greatly exceeded anything they could have expected. In the process of writing this entry, I've learnt that they lost TWO of their POS's.

I have also received a 'death threat' from one of their members.
I'm gonna strangle you.
I think he was a little upset to log on and discover their losses.

I replied to him with the following message. I was hoping to send it on to their CEO as well, but it looks like he's blocked me and all my corp members. Oh, this is so hilarious.
Do you think your 'death threat' would be justification enough for a wardec against your corp?

I do. However, I'll let it go for now.

Please note that your corp declared war against mine. I offered your CEO reasonable terms of surrender in reply, and he declined to accept them. What resulted was the fault of yourselves. You actively 'bully' smaller corps, holding them to ransom, and happily engage in acts of piracy.

I told your CEO we would never surrender. He would be the one who regrets the wardec he made against us. Only now is it realised by all of you that your bullying will not be tolerated.

Black Scorpion Ltd was never going to bow down before you, and never will. We will stand against you and other pirate organisations like you. As I said in my blog (link in my bio), the bullying stops now, and it stops with me.

Kind regards

Black Claw

2006.10.15 03:23
Im gonna strangle you....
This was has seriously cost them a lot more than the original 500m I demanded from them when they wardec'd me. When I reduced it to 250m, they should have accepted.

This is their fault, and this is what happens to pirate corps that try to bully the smaller guys. They will eventually get their noses bloodied, and in this case, they've gotten the crap beaten out of them!

I've been laughing and dancing all day. I think I'll rest now.


  1. * Pacal Balan smiles softly ... then flicks to a new neocom screen *

  2. hehehe I love it when the underdog kicks some major arse.

  3. Well done. If only there were more who took the pirates to task and started kicking names and taking butt!


  4. Shame about the loss. But your tactics are sound. I have won 3 wars in 2 different corps against mercs and pirates by swinging the axe of bordom, frustration and occasional unconcentrated action.

    Simply let them camp your stations, you will be logging off at safe spots anyway. Throw a couple of stealth bombers into the mix to take out their tacklers now and again. Its such fun! After a week they wont be paying to continue the way simply because the "big bad mercs" cant make any money

  5. Thanks for the compliment about the tactics, most appreciated. :-)