Sunday, October 01, 2006

The gate of New Eden

The gate of New Eden

I couldn't sleep. I had dreams of giant gates eluding me, teasing me, forever out of reach. I woke up in a sweat and knew I had to go find it. I don't know why it calls to me like this, but it does.

So I engaged the ship's drive and finished the journey to New Eden. I just had to. It wasn't long before I arrived, and found two pilots in the system, neither of them pirates.

I quickly discovered that there were only two objects that could be warped to - the New Eden star and the New Eden planet. Neither of them led me to any large gate.

I tried asking one of the locals, and they helped me by ganging with me and taking me towards a star. The other local was making jokes that it would take about 5 years, travelling 24x7 days a year. I ignored him, thinking it obviously couldn't be that far.

Unfortunately, my ship entered its hourly downtime, and I was unable to complete the journey with my guide. So I sit here in the almost-dark, writing this.

I've managed to do a bit of research on the interweb, looking for reference as to how to get to New Eden's large gate. I've discovered that no one has seen the gate, and no one has even gotten close to it. Some have said they've seen the worm hole though...

Me, I've seen the New Eden star:

It's a beautiful sight, don't you think? It took my breath away... glorious.

I'm going back to sleep again. Maybe I'll sleep a bit better this time, knowing that the gate is, as my dreams suggested, forever elusive. My dreams turned out to be a premonition, it seems.

To be continued....

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