Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Am I alive?

Something's moving. I can feel it stirring.

What's going on?

My blood is moving. It's like... I'm coming back to life or something.

Darkness. That's all I can see.

Is there a light? Surely there's gotta be a light.

Where am I? Wait... Who am I?

Oh... I remember. Black Claw. That's what they called me.

What happened? Why can't I see?


  1. What? Who said that? Who's out there?

  2. MasterChief JusticeApril 20, 2012 4:53 am

    Stretch Your mind out and feel around fined your balance
    it is a shame you have gone quiet i was simply looking for information on a Angel site and i stumbled across your blog i started reading and could not stop not all of us have the time to explore like you have done and you did it so well so i do hope you will show us some more of this space we call home but that is up to you to wake up or remain in the darkness

    what Ever Your Choice we all hope you discover what you are looking for

    thank you for showing me some of eve i have never spent the time to see my self

    We are all Pod Pilots and To be a Pod Pilot You have to have some insanity to go where we go to do what we do....
    Good Luck and i will be looking to see if you have come back to this mad place

  3. Am I a pod pilot? What is that? I'll have to do some research. When I can see again...