Friday, September 16, 2011

OUCH has a new CEO

As of today I am no longer CEO of OUCH.

I've handed the role over to CampoV, who has been my trusted Lieutenant, my right-hand man, and my Training Director for the past year or so.  He has effectively been running OUCH from within the US/EU timezone, and has been responsible for the training that has been developed and implemented since I handed the training over to him in 2010. Today I have rewarded him for his hard work and dedication by officially handing over the leadership.

With me being in the Aussie timezone it's been a challenge to effectively run the corp. Right from the beginning I knew that I had to find trainers and leaders in the US and EU timezones to manage the state of affairs while I was asleep. It took some time, but I was able to achieve my goal.  I developed a core group of Directors that took on senior staff roles, and I could not have continued without them. OUCH's success so far has been thanks to all of them.

Why did you hand over the CEO position?

I'm not so egotistical to think that the corp couldn't survive and prosper without me.  I am not the corp.  [Edit: I'll revisit this in 12 months and see if I'm right... :) ]

From the beginning of OUCH's inception, I knew that this was just another step in my ongoing path through the Eve Online galaxy. OUCH was a great idea that needed to be developed and implemented, but I knew my leadership was only temporary. I knew that one day I would hand it over to someone else.

So I set in place the mission, and I looked for the leadership staff that would share my vision for OUCH, who would follow it, and who would promote it. Once I was satisfied that CampoV supported that mission, and waited some more until he himself was ready for the role, we organised the transition that was completed today.

My involvement with OUCH is not over, and it might never be over. I am now a Director of OUCH, and will be responsible for recruitment and public relations moving forward. Oh, and maybe a bit of management advice every now and again.

This is OUCH's mission that I'll continue to promote:
Mission Statement
OUCH provides nullsec survival and pvp training to help new pilots and carebears survive and overcome fears about the dangers of nullsec, and become valuable assets for any nullsec corporation or alliance.

What next?

Now that I'm no longer CEO, I'll have just a little bit more time to do some other things that I want to explore. My alt, Alexia Morgan, is a Director in a new lowsec PVP corp called Kadavr Black Guard, and will be assisting its recruitment, growth and operations. Now I can focus a bit more on this.

As Alexia, I want to do the following:
  • I want to do more hunting for the abandoned POS's of inactive corps and organise battleship fleets to go smash 'em up and scoop the loot
  • I want to be involved in more wars
  • I want to get better at PVP (I never considered myself a good PVP'er, and OUCH started as a nullsec survival corp... the PVP training came when I had good PVP'ers onboard who could provide that training)
As Black Claw, I want to do the following:
  • continue to help OUCH grow and become the premiere nullsec surival and PVP training corp in the Eve galaxy
  • promote OUCH's activities more in the public arena, eg. blogging, Twitter, etc
  • get more involved in PVP (see my PVP comments above)
As you can see, I have some nice plans for my enjoyment as Alexia, so I'm quite looking forward to that!

Thank you

To all those who have supported OUCH, or gone through OUCH training and moved on, or are even still in OUCH today - thank you for your support.  Without every single one of you, OUCH wouldn't be the successful corp that it is today.

And it's only going to get better.  


  1. Wait, your in the Aussie TZ? What city are you in? I'm from Melbourne and there is the odd Eve meet organised every few months.

  2. I'm in Canberra, but often going to Melbourne :)