Saturday, October 30, 2010

50 million ISK for 50 fights

That's right, you read right - 50 million ISK for 50 fights. Now for the details...

For the month of November I'm running a competition for OUCH members to encourage them to get out there and get some fights. Just over a year ago I wrote this post about 50 fights, and I've been using that as a training element within OUCH.

A few months ago I started a new policy that all members had to be involved in at least 4 fights a month. Winning or losing didn't matter, as long as they were out there fighting. To encourage that policy even more, I decided to create this competition for OUCH members for November.

50 fights = 50 million ISK.

This is for all OUCH members only, and only for the month of November. The rules are:
  • The fights have to be real, and not against other OUCH members.
    Any such fights will not be considered in the final count.
  • The ships have to be fit for PVP.
    Any ships without without fittings, or with stupid fittings, will not be considered in the final count.
Note: Corp members trying to 'cheat' in this fashion will be removed from OUCH, as there's no room for cheats in this corp.

Does this competition excite you?

If you're interested in being part of that, OUCH is still open for recruitment. If you're interested in learning nullsec survival and PVP and getting your ass kicked and being paid for it (if you do the 50 fights), then you're welcome to join us.

Join the in-game channel OUCH-UNI where you'll find joining instructions, or you can ask any of us any questions you might have about OUCH and how we can help you succeed with your nullsec survival and PVP skills.

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