Friday, July 02, 2010

EON Magazine - Issue 20 is out!

I'm a subscriber of the EON Magazine, and as a blogger I get notified of the latest issue as it's published. The magazine's prettydamn good, so I recommend anyone that plays Eve Online to subscribe to it. It's worth it.

Tyrannis is here, and with it the feature they are calling Planetary Interaction. Inside the latest E-ON we have a guide to understanding how to make the most from New Eden's literal new landscape. ...But, hang on, where have all the people gone who live on all those surfaces (perhaps not so many on those lava ones)? How are we supposed to be benevolent or tyrannical when there are no insignificant proles to sell cheap electronics to in order to keep them in line? We ask whether as an attempt to breath new life into old New Eden, Tyrannis was an opportunity missed, or one soon to be realized.


Keeping with the theme of people in EVE, we look at the work of the CSM, the volunteer body of EVE players who are elected to give CCP a players’ perspective of EVE. It's been more than two years since the first Council was sworn in, since which time our various representatives have canvassed and cajoled for important changes. We ask whether those changes have been significant enough and try to gauge the CSM from the view of those that might vote for them.


Motherships were once a ship to be left at home, but as the re-named and all-improved Supercarriers they have become one of EVE's most important front-line vessels. Able to provide massive support, or deal vast amounts of anti-capital damage by deploying fighter-bombers, they are almost as versatile as they are massive. Which is why we devote a massive number of pages to fitting and flying them properly.


Free with E-ON issue #020, we are giving away another ship poster; this time it's the cruisers of the Gallente Federation that line up in a sexy pose. That's right, never again will you have to rely on 'show info' to tell the difference between a Vigilant or a Deimos, as you can see how all the hulls line up by faction or tech level, together with handy fitting and hit point information so you know just what you're up against.

*FREE for every subscriber (while stocks last). This poster is also available rolled on thicker stock.


* ‘Fuel of your Creation’ - sequel to E-ON Issue #002 story ‘The Eighth Plague’
* The evolution of the Alliance Tournament
* How to get the best people into your corp – Insiders’ Guide to Corp Recruitment
* Interviews with CCP’s Art Director Asgeir Asgeirsson and video producer CCP Charlie
* Shar Tegral, Dianabolic and Zoolkhan are ‘In Character’
* 0.0 Report reports on 0.0 shenanigans
* Plus The Funnies, My Two Isk... …and all the latest news


  1. This might sound newbie, but i've been on eve on and off for the last 2 years. A friend told me that the only way to progress is via corps, i've now got myself a ferox but i'm making a good few clams mining and manufacturing. But i wanna go into low-sec, but... i think it's risky business. *slide across floor* the main reason i havnt stuck it out everytime is because it seems futile. I never get above lvl 2 mishs, without losing a shitload of isk on repairs.

    I've read your BC blog for a good 2 years now, whilst i was on and off EVE. But now i like the sound of OUCH, not in terms of being a front line guy but i can resource! Let me know. Cheers.

  2. Hi Nardatronic. Send me an evemail in-game and we'll chat. :)