Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Teaching the Art of War

I had an idea a little while ago. OUCH teaches nullsec survival... what do people think of the Art of War Alliance teaching noob/carebear/industrial corps how to engage in operations during war?

Let me know your thoughts on such a thing, as I'm seeking 'market feedback'.


  1. Speaking for myself, I would be interested in having that for the Ralpha Dogs. I will poll Selena and Lexxi to see what their opinions are, but there's a good chance they'd agree with me. Even if it was only two or three of us, we could then teach others in the corp.

    - Erbo Evans, Abbot, ΡΑΔ

  2. How would you like to see this work for you?

  3. I'm not sure; I only got the go-ahead from Lexxi earlier this morning. I'm not even sure we have enough warm bodies reactivated yet to make it work at this point; doesn't mean I can't say we'd be interested...

  4. Send me an evemail to discuss :)