Wednesday, May 19, 2010

An update on OUCH and its nullsec survival training

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OUCH Nullsec Survival Training

OUCH is a casual training corp that provides nullsec survival training to anyone that's interested in learning how to survive the deep, dark depths of the galaxy, where the only security is what you can provide for yourself.

Trainees become members of OUCH, the Open University of Celestial Hardship, and get to learn from first-hand experience how to survive.

Our motto is:

"You're going to die. A lot. But along the way you'll learn how to die less."

We don't teach you with theory and stories over a campfire. We teach you by taking you out on real operations, where you join up with others in OUCH and go roaming around space looking for a fight.

Along the way you'll be taught all about
  • safe spots
  • PVP tactics
  • ship fittings
  • lowsec and nullsec survival
  • avoiding gate and station camps
  • avoiding warp bubbles and understanding how they're used
  • escaping from gate camps and warp bubbles
  • fleet operations and etiquette
And so much more. There's about 150 members in the corp at the moment, with quite a few active at most times (but particularly US peak time), so there's often something going on.

We also have a ship program that provides members with free frigates from the corp hangars. New members have to ask for a ship, but once they get some kills under their belt, they get free access to the hangars so they can take what they need, when they need it.

Contact me if you're interested in learning how to survive in lowsec and nullsec. I'd be happy to chat with you about it.

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Real Life

Wow, I've been pretty busy... but not in Eve. Like everyone else, real life gets in my way too, on occasions. The past few months has been such an occasion. But I'm sure you don't wan to hear all about my real life. :)

I've logged in to the game every day, maintained the corp and talked to members, replied to evemails, maintained the alliance and talked to other CEOs... Everything is going well, but I just haven't been involved that much.

Top Killers

I'd like to give a big shout-out to the top 10 members of OUCH (as of this writing) for their PVP activities in the month of May so far:

Pilot - Kills

1. Miss Teri - 65
2. Crorono - 20
3. Jaxen Griolin - 10
4. Bren Genzan - 9
5. Ailee Ross - 9
7. Contes - 8
8. Black Salamander - 5
9. ColdCutz - 3
10. KIppz - 2

I'm really proud of them, as well as everyone that joins OUCH for training and then gets involved in PVP operations and roams... The best training is simply from getting out there and doing it. All those in the Top 10 list above, they're all getting out there and just doing it.

Art of War Alliance

Some time ago I started up the Art of War Alliance (AWA) for a few reasons.

  1. To bring together various corps that want to provide support to OUCH, and have everyone operate under the one banner
  2. To allow for OUCH graduates to potentially leave OUCH but stay in the alliance and continue providing their support
  3. To start the ball rolling to become a dominant power
So far there's about 6 corps in the alliance, but I plan on having quite a few more as time goes by. The more we get involved, the stronger we'll become.

If you're the CEO of a corp looking for an alliance, and you'd like to be part of what OUCH is doing without having to leave your corp, then contact me to discuss joining the alliance.

For the time being, everything is casual. Alliance membership does not have any requirements other than to continue doing what you've always been doing. Membership in the alliance is mainly to have support from other members, or to join in on ad hoc operations that members might organise.

It's to have fun, without getting too serious. There's plenty of time to get serious in the future, but that will all be part of our steady growth.

Contact me if you'd like to join the alliance.


  1. Good update BC and great to hear everything's still going well. Some expected and familiar names in that top 10 list (Hi guys!)

    Keep having fun


  2. I see you've kept yourself's gratifying.

    Rest assured, we won't be in these cryostasis tubes forever...

    Selenalore also sends her regards.

    - Erbo