Monday, August 25, 2008

Getting back into the swing of things

I've been regaining some familiarity with ship systems and setups, and have managed to purchase a few items for my Thorax, which I hope will give my enemy combatants a nice surprise. 'Hope' being the operative word here.

I've never had the time to truly focus on PVP combat, so I've never been 'excellent' at it. I've always wanted to be, but it never worked out. Now that I'm back, I'm hoping to change that. Excellence can be learnt, and I'm looking at doing a lot of learning. And practicing, of course. Practice makes perfect, as they say.

I've linked my killmails on the right there. I've also reviewed the killboard for my own kills and losses, and I'm sure I haven't put my lifetime's killmails there. It's a shame that I'm missing a few, but so be it. I also worked out that I have a 1:4 kill/loss ratio. My ex Chief of Security, Kaenon Steel, has a 7:1 kill/loss ratio. I want to be that good...

Garmon, who I've heard so much about, and is Kaenon's hero too, has a 6:1 kill ratio.... Kaenon seems to be better with the ratio, except that where Kaenon has 94 kills, Garmon has 1,752 kills....

That's pretty impressive, and something worthwhile for me to aim for.

I've decided to do some trading again, so I can raise some funds. Need more money... Can't buy ships without it!

I've trained up some advanced e-warfare drone skills, as well as some covert ops skills. I have some goals....

I've revised the Tags for all the posts in here, to better reflect the content. If anyone wants to search for anything specific, there's always the search field at the top left of the browser window.

I've also added an 'Eve Blog Pack', a list of journals and websites that is organised by Crazy Kinux. Unfortunately, I couldn't get his method of linking to work, so I've added them manually. Please visit their sites too.

Right, so much for the administration report...

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