Sunday, October 21, 2012

Around New Eden - Day 20

Region: Great Wildlands

I was sitting in N-DQ0D all day today, waiting for the 20 or so pilots to go somewhere else. Eventually they did, probably a couple hours before downtime, and I continued on my way.


Since it was completely empty in here, and I hadn't seen any for quite a while, I decided to take out some aggression on one of the battleship rats in here, to continue my quest to slowly reduce my security status.

You can see me just to the bottom right there, in the background, engaging in a vicious shootout with the rat. I'd already taken out its support ships, a bunch of frigates, and it was desperately fighting for its life.

But it lost.  *chuckle*

I checked the loot in the wreckage, and then remembered why I shouldn't even waste my time.

I moved on to the next system...


Since downtime was coming, I decided to camp here in R-ESG0 for the night. But first I made a gate bookmark before logging out. Here's a photo of me making another gate bookmark.

Well, you can't actually see me, 'cause I'm cloaked. Have you ever seen a Tech 3 cruiser making gate bookmarks in nullsec space? Hell no, because they're always cloaked!

Well, maybe not always... but if you do see one, good luck killing it. The idiot probably deserves it!

Anyway, see you next time.

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