Tuesday, August 26, 2008

And the killing begins...

I was prowling around a system, like many systems I've prowled, when I stumbled upon Lexens, hunting rats in his Probe. I let him go, since he was only 4 days old, and he warped off. I also warped off searching for someone not so new. However, 20 minutes later, I stumbled upon Lexens again, in another asteroid belt. I'd been prowling around for over an hour with little luck, so I decided to engage this guy.

The fight didn't last very long, as you'd expect. In fact, he couldn't even do anything against my shields, and I didn't bother deploying my drones. When he exploded, his pod sat there for a minute, watching me loot his ship. I didn't bother podkilling him, I didn't feel that mean.

His pod warped away, and so did I, back to my safe spot. As I sat there looking at the mining lasers and auto-cannons and expanded cargo module, I couldn't help but remember when I first started my own adventuring days, oh so long ago.

He's no longer a virgin, after having been broken in. I was his first.

I couldn't stand the guilt - I sent him a million ISK. That should have covered the cost of his loss quite nicely.

Yes, I know... I care too much. I'm working on that. However, I figure that the more rookies I kill that are flying out there in lowsec space, the less I'll care. And the more I'll be educating them on the nastiness of lowsec space.


I'm one of those nasties now....

I think I like that.

Anyway, shortly after that incident, I received quite a shock when someone by the name of Garmon messaged me in the local comm channel. 'What the...' was my thoughts. I've read about Garmon on the message boards. People are creating religions in his name, it seems. And here he was, contacting me out of the blue!

I invited him to a private channel, and he reminded me that back in my early days I actually hauled for him when he was too lazy to do it himself. Ah, that would explain the blue icon next to his name, I thought. He's a friendly!

And so my life changed.

I'm joining his corp over the next few days, as soon as I can hand ownership of my corp over to another member. Why? So that I can learn how to fight from one of the best, who is active around the same times I'm active.

He advised me of a Taranis setup I should use, which I did, and then I joined him in a fleet he created. I was the tackler, as we attacked Schnuggiputzi's Curse, a Recon ship. The only problem is, while I was trying to get a lock on this guy, the rest of the fleet destroyed him! As a result, I wasn't included in the killmail. Dammit.

Ah well. Next time.

What kind of corp is named 'Poopoohead Patrol' anyway? They deserve to be killed just for that.

Exciting times ahead. More soon....

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