Friday, September 29, 2006

Day one - the journey continues

What an amazing day it's been. Nothing has really happened to make it amazing except for the fact that I've made a decision to go travelling, to take the fight against pirates to wherever they might be.

Most pilots like to stay in their own territory. There's a certain element of safety for them to stay in their home space, to always have somewhere to run back to when things get too hot. I'm afraid I've been guilty of that myself, never venturing far from my corp HQ.

But what is safety, really? It's an illusion. You can find safety wherever you go, any station, any highsec system. Territory doesn't matter when it comes down to it, because even in what you think is the safest of locations, something can happen that can shatter your day. And your ship too!

So I'm giving up on the illusion of safety, and going for a journey. I was, of course, inspired by the adventures of INNOMINATE NIGHTMARE and his own adventures around 0.0 space.

My journey will be a little different, however. Where his was simply to travel around the galaxy without venturing into Empire space, mine will be to go everywhere, seeking out pirates and hunt them down.

And see a few interesting things along the way. And make some interesting friends. And write about it!

I'll take some photos to share with you, whenever I see something interesting. I'll talk about the friends I meet, the pirates I get killed by - or who I hopefully kill instead - and the methods I use to do whatever it is I do.

Black Claw is only a few months old. At this moment, I have only 3.5 million skill points, so the journey of exploration, anti-pirating and growth is going to be very interesting. I'm sure there'll be a lot of pain along the way, but that's what you get when you choose the life of anti-pirating.

Now to tell my corp what I plan to do...

I'm quite confident that they'll be able to look after themselves. I know that, being such a young CEO, I 'm actually more of a hindrance to their efforts at engaging the pirates than an asset. Without me, they might stand a better chance at success in their anti-pirate operations!

But just wait 'til I come back from my journey...


  1. Hey hi and good luck in yourr fights.
    You should get you a decent locator agent if you already dont have one. The you can track individuals over a few days without ever leaving your system. To see how the pirate plays, what he does on a day to day basis. Then plan your attack. A nice covert ops goes along way for creating some intial bookmarks, or as a warp to.
    Hunting that solo pirate with a 100mil bounty on his head should give quite a rush, but will take some time and patience.

    Good luck Ill look for you in space

  2. Greetings, fellow traveller. I think i speak in the name of my Corp when i wish all the luck you deserve!

    Department of Justice.

  3. thank you both for your comments.

    voodoo, maybe you can contact me in-game with some advice on how to work towards a locator agent?

  4. Black Claw, I wish you success with your imminent adventures and look forward to hearing of your brutal and crushing attakcks against the scourge of EVE.....

  5. Innominate, thank you for your kind words and your support on the Eve forums. I appreciate you taking the time to comment, and I hope you find some satisfaction in staying up to date with my adventures.